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Photography and Multimedia

What can I do for you?

During the shoot, you will receive regular status reports and receive “sample photos” (partial field edit) from various locations. These shots will give you a good sense of what is being captured in the shoot.

After completing the shoot, I will edit and select the best images for your review. These images may be adjusted slightly for improved contrast and color, and all images will be captioned and tagged with keywords.

You will receive the full photo edit as two sets of images: One set of low-resolution versions for web use and one set of high-resolution (original resolution) versions for print.

If you have included multimedia video in your package, I will produce the first ‘cut’ (edit) of the video based on the agreed storyline and the message you want to convey.

After you have reviewed the first cut and provided your comments, I will produce the final version.

Have a look at this page to see how your stories can be told "on the wall", as a curated thematic exhibition or a permanent installation.

The process ...